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Who We Are

The Mobile Language Team is delivering online resources to communities around Australia.

Through online flash cards, endangered language wikis, community based digital storytelling workshops and even online introductory courses for indigenous languages, the Mobile Language Team is delivering revival language resources to communties all over Australia.

Learning Strategies

Community Based Learning

Language is learnt at home and in communities. A key part of what we do is developing programs, resources and services to facilitate this.

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Digital Storytelling

Telling stories is a crucial part of learning. We help bring stories to life through encouraging the creation of storytelling through digitial mediums.

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Young Person Engagement

One of our key focuses is working with young people to encourage and help develop the engagement with and learning of at risk languages.

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Cadetship Program

The Mobile Language Team runs hands on cadetship programs to facilitate development and advancement of at risk languages and cultures.

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