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After 18 months of hard work on the Arabana language the need to connect these online lessons back to country was evident. Arabana people have always insisted that language belongs to the land, and that to really understand, to speak and to teach the language, you have to connect with the country it belongs to.

In April of 2018 Arabana people from Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Roxby Downs and Marree all gathered at Finniss Springs, to spend time on country with family and to talk language.

The MLT went along to document the language being spoken, to develop more language materials for the online language lessons and to celebrate the hard work and the success of the Arabana language workshops.

1000kms north of Adelaide, next to Lake Eyre, Finniss Springs is fairly isolated, but surrounded by 15 Arabana families, Finniss always felt full and alive with people and activity.

The Numbers

Logistically, the Arabana Project has been a huge undertaking for the MLT. We've travelled thousands of kms, recorded hours upon hours of language, and cooked over 50 kgs of puntyu (meat).


Over 35 Arabana people headed to Finniss Springs to work on languages in April.


During the course of the 2 year program with Arabana 1000+ words have been recorded.


1000s of new headwords and sentences have been recorded of Arabana speakers.


10 online learning lessons have been developed by the Arabana community for the Arabana language.


Over 20 language workshops have taken place in Port Augusta, to discuss the Arabana language.

Speakers and Learners

Over 20 speakers and learners of Arabana. This number grows every day, with every activity we do.

Funding Partnerships