These lessons for Arabana language have been designed around themes that help you learn, practise, develop and build confidence in speaking Arabana. They center around themes, topics and activities that sit at the heart of Arabana life.

They can be worked through as standalone lessons, but we recommend starting at Lesson 1 and working your way through.

These lessons were developed with the elders of the Arabana community and the Mobile Language Team. They were developed on Arabana country and contain recordings both audio and video of Arabana people.


These activities are designed as a written approach to beginning to understand how Arabana is spoken and written. They begin with basic words and phrases and advance onto sentence and word conjugation. Each activity is designed as a learning journey and contributes to the next.

Sound files help you along so you can hear Arabana speakers saying and pronouncing words. As all languages there are some tricks and special circumstances you'll need to learn along the way. These are written in the 'NOTES:' field.

At the end of each activity there is a downloaded print out for you to practise the different parts of Arabana you have learnt.

Learning Videos