Language Workshops

Language workshops sit at the heart of all language resources and online language lessons that are created with the Arabana people. Continually going back and forth, revising, refreshing and updating the content of the online language lessons and working closely with a large group of Arabana speakers to record and develop words and sentences that are spoken and taught how Arabana people speak their language.

"What was right last week, might need to change this week as speakers think about how they would say words and sentences." - Eleanor McCall

As the weeks and months went by a series of online language lessons were developed, based around learning themes that can help Arabana people speak Arabana in everyday life, around the home, on country and in the school. These lessons themes are:

  1. Questions and Answers
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Trees, Plants and Placenames
  4. Learning Arabana Together
  5. The Family (Part 1)
  6. Pronouns (Part 1)
  7. Endings and Word Order

The Lessons

As a result of the Arabana langauge workshops and the work of the Mobile Language Team a series of online language learning lessons were developed. These lessons begin with very basic words and sentences and move on to word conjugation and sentence contruction.

Facts and Figures

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Over 35 Arabana people headed to Finniss Springs to work on languages in April.


During the course of the 2 year program with Arabana 1000+ words have been recorded.


1000's of new headwords and sentences have been recorded of Arabana speakers.


10 online learning lessons have been developed by the Arabana community for the Arabana language.


Over 20 language workshops have taken place in Port Augusta, to discuss the Arabana language.


Over 20 language workshops have taken place in Port Augusta, to discuss the Arabana language.